Selling Your Home? 5 Tips to Get Your Home Noticed

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In this obvious Seller’s Market, owners want to sell their homes for top dollar, and they deserve to get as much money for the sale of their home as possible.

Inventory is low
Interest Rates are low
Demand is high

However, a common mistake among Sellers is they don’t think they have to get their home ready to sell. This is an incorrect approach if a Seller wants the highest & best price for the sale of their home.

One of the best training tips we have heard is:

“How we live in our home is not how we sell our home.”
This tip comes from our in-house Coach, Ms. Alice Baker. She works one-on-one with all of our agents and trains them to be the best Realtors in our area.

At EXIT Realty East Nashville, when working with a Seller, we have a Checklist of 50 plus items/tips we personally review in order to get Buyers to notice your home AND to pay top dollar.

Here are 5 Tips from our 50 Plus List:

Lawn & Landscape: Make sure the lawn is mowed & all landscaping is weed free & colorful. If your home is on the market during Spring & Summer, you should mow your yard at least once a week. We call it “Golf Course” ready. Also, dress your mailbox up by planting colorful flowers around the base & add new house numbers to freshen the look. Your lawn will be a Buyer’s first impression of your home. Make a statement.

Light & Lighting: Buyers notice light and bright homes. Check ALL light fixtures for bulbs that need replacing and clean off cob webs. Open window blinds & curtains and let the sun shine in. 

Kitchen Cabinets & Counter Tops: At a party everyone gathers in the Kitchen. Buyers know this and like to imagine themselves in the kitchen preparing food & entertaining their guests. Make sure your counter tops look and feel spacious.

Closets: Move non-season clothes out and arrange like clothes together. Ex: long sleeve shirts together, pants & slacks together and put like color items together. Box up all items on the floor & keep it clear. (Using the same type of hanger {ie white plastic} gives a very organized look, and even makes the closet look less cluttered.) 

The Feel & Smell of Your Home: Buyers should be greeted with a wonderful light aroma upon entering and home temperature should reflect the season. Ex: If it’s hot outside, make sure your home is cool throughout.

Again, this is just 5 of the 50+ items we check before listing a home.

If you are considering selling your home, please contact us and we will go over all items/tips with you to ensure you get the best sale price for your home.


Sheila & Connie