Pick the Right Agent: 5 Important Steps

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Pick the Right Agent: 5 Important Tips
Our local Real Estate Market is in full GO Buy/Sell Mode and if you own a home and want to sell OR if you are a buyer getting in the market for the 1st time, this blog is for you.

We can't express enough how important it is for you to have experienced professionals working for YOU!  An excellent agent will put the best team together to save you time, money and help you find the home of your dreams and stick to your budget. 

So how do you choose an agent?  Here are 5 important tips:

1) Communication: Make sure your agent "HEARS" you and thoroughly understands your wishes and desires.  We recently met with a new client who shared an experience she had with another agent.  She explained to us that the other agent never met with her, never called and only communicated via text messages.  The agent failed to understand her needs. Technology is great, but it can't take the place of human contact and one on one communication.   Here at Exit Realty East Nashville, we meet individually with all of our clients and complete a very detailed list of wants, needs, dreams & desires.  We want to understand your end goal and we work hard to achieve this.

2) The Process & Paperwork: Can your agent explain, step by step, the process & paperwork to you?  Contracts & forms are extremely legal & binding and you will be bound to this paperwork, when purchasing, for the next 15 to 30 yrs.  Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, you should understand all aspects of your deal: the offer, acceptance, inspection, appraisal and the closing.

3) Integrity: Yep, this word is overused and misunderstood, but is very important when deciding on an agent.  Does your agent have integrity?  Do they put your needs, wishes and desires above theirs?  Are they working for YOU? 

True Story: One of our clients told us about an agent who said to them, “I sure hope you buy this house because my wife isn't working and we have 4 kids and I need a sale.”  Clearly his focus was on himself and not his client.

4) Friendly & Professional: Buying or selling a home can no doubt have its moments of stress, but the overall experience should be enjoyable.  Don't pick an agent who is cold, aloof & pushy.  Instead make sure your agent is personable, friendly & professional. These traits are exactly what you need when the time comes to negotiate the buy or sell of your home.  

5) Experience: In this fierce market make sure your agent knows how to WORK hard for you.  How can they do this?

If You are a Buyer make sure the Agent:
Has a clear understanding of your needs
Is available to show property
Can Create & Negotiate Offers that Get Accepted
If you are a Seller make sure the Agent:
Has examined & evaluated your property & value for maximum sale price 
Can market your property to make it stand out & get maximum exposure
Follows up with showings & communicates feedback
We welcome your questions. The real estate business is constantly changing and Exit Realty East Nashville is here to help!